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with Tzivia and Justina

Join Tzivia Gover

  • The Mindful Way to Sleep and Dreams
  • What Are Your Dreams Telling You: Dreams as a Path to Wellness
  • Dreaming on the Page Writing Workshops

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Join Justina Lasley

Glidewing Online Courses presents DreamSynergy: Learning to Find Meaning and Guidance in your Dreams 

    • February 1-23, 2020
    • Located online at
    • Are you using the incredible wisdom, creativity and insight available to you each night? In this experiential DreamSynergy™ workshop, Justina Lasley personally guides you through practical exercises for understanding the meaning of your dreams so that you develop skills for becoming your own dream counselor. You may watch videos and ask Justina questions to fit your schedule.
    • CEUs Available! Contact us for more info!

Wake Up to DreamSynergy™!: Use Your Nighttime Dreams to Make Your Daytime Dreams Come True

  • May 24-29, 2020
  • Located at the Haden Institute’s Summer Dream & Spirituality Conference
  • In this workshop, you will learn about and participate in Wake Up! to DreamSynergy™ -a practical, innovative, step-by-step process to understanding and using dreams to facilitate sustainable change in yourself and/or your clients. Participants will receive take-a-ways that can be applied immediately to personal development and transformation, regardless of specialization.