Intermediate Dream Studies

Pre-requisites: Satisfactory completion of Level 1, Foundations in Dream Studies.

Areas of Study Will Include:

  • Dreamwork for Personal Growth and Change in Group and Individual Settings
  • Dream Incubation, Lucid Dreams, and PSI Phenomenon
  • Approaches to Dreams: Psychological, Scientific, Spiritual, and Mystical
  • Beliefs About Dreams: Personal, Historical, and Cultural-Cultural
  • Benefits of Dreamwork: A Survey of Research and Results
  • Practical Applications of Ethics in Dreamwork

Graduates of Level 2:

  • Eligible to advance to Level 3 Courses
  • Become “Dream Circle Associates” of IDS
  • Receive 15% discounts on selected IDS workshops, courses, and products (excluding Level 3 Dream Certification Course).

Turn Your Passion for Dreams into a Professional Path