Advanced Dream Studies

Successful Completion of Level 3 qualifies participants to become Certified Dream Therapists

Pre-requisites: Satisfactory completion of Levels 1 & 2

Areas of Study Will Include:

  • Theories in Dream Studies (including Freudian, Jungian, Gestalt, and more)
  • Further studies in Facilitating Dreamwork Exercises for Individuals and Groups

  • Finding your purpose through Dreamwork
  • Setting up a Dreamwork business
  • Dreamwork in the Community: Adapting dreamwork practices for corporate, educational, and community groups
  • Dreaming Mindfully and Living Lucidly
  • Practicum: Creating Dream Groups and Programs

Graduates of Level 3:

  • Receive Institute for Dream Studies Certification and become a Certified Dreamwork Professional
  • Become “Dream Guide” level members, and alumna of the Institute for Dream Studies
  • Are qualified to share expertise with Level 1 Classes
  • Receive 20% discounts on selected IDS workshops, courses, and products
  • Become Certified Professional dream group facilitators, dream professionals and leaders in the field

Turn Your Passion for Dreams into a Professional Path