Dreaming New Dreams

Tzivia and Justina

After over a decade of promoting the understanding and value of dreams, in 2016 the Institute for Dream Studies named a new director. Tzivia Gover is a passionate, prolific, and creative dreamer, who is a certified dream therapist and 2011 graduate of the IDS’s Certification in Dream Studies program.

After twenty five years of nurturing IDS, founder Justina Lasley will continue her involvement in IDS, as well as continue to offer individual dreamwork and dream groups through her DreamSynergy program.

While there will be many changes here at the Institute for Dream Studies, much will stay the same. In particular, IDS will always remain committed to rigorous and in-depth professional training for people who want to learn more about the heart and science of working with dreams for the health and wholeness of the individual, and our world.

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