Thank you for your interest in the Institute for Dream Studies (IDS). We are always excited to know when someone becomes interested in and values their dreams. IDS offers dream groups, workshops, and an in-depth, on-line certification course.

For someone starting out and interested in group study, dream groups or workshops are ways to begin.  They provide an opportunity to get to know IDS faculty, students, and graduates. We have put together this summary to answer questions that you might have.  


Are CEUs available?

IDS is recognized by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (SCLLR) to offer continuing education credits to counselors, marriage and family therapists and psycho-educational specialists.  Students throughout the US have been successful in using our credits, but we would encourage each participant to check with one’s regional or professional organization, as regulations vary

To receive CEUs, a student must:

  • Pre-register for the workshop or class and let us know at the time of registration that the student would like to take the workshop or class for CEU credit.
  • Pay in full for the workshop or class and the additional CEU administrative fees.
  • Attend and successfully participate in all sessions.
  • Submit a written request for CEUs at the end of the workshop or class.
  • A Certificate of Attendance can also be provided on request for students who meet the same requirements as outlined above.
  • There is a $20 fee for CEUs.


How much do your courses and workshops cost?

To see pricing levels for all IDS offerings, click Pricing at the top of the screen.  

Are scholarships or financial assistance available?

At this point, IDS cannot offer financial assistance.  However, the Certification Course is divided in such a way as to extend the payment period.  After the interview and acceptance process is final, if a student wants to pursue options, the Director would be willing to answer questions in more detail.

For longer courses, such as the IDS Certification, there may be opportunities for a work study option for qualified candidates.

We welcome IDS alumni or interested parties to contact us if they would like to provide funding for scholarships to help make our offerings more widely accessible.  

What is the composition of the students?

Our classes attract a wide variety of people from different cultural, religious, ethnic backgrounds, as well as gender and sexual identities.  It is essential that all students who work with us feel welcomed, honored, and respected at all times.

I live outside of the United States.  Can I participate?

Yes! We are proud of the international diversity of our student body and welcome students from around the world to our programs.  

Fluency in English for reading, writing, and conversation is a requirement. However, some of our international students record their dreams in their native language, and some of our texts are available in other languages as well.


IDS online courses are for anyone who wants to dive deeper into dreams for personal and/or professional development.  We take an eclectic approach to dream studies, including looking at dreams through the lenses of psychology, science, spirituality, religion, and more.

The certification course is a mix of independent study and live-online classes and groups designed to suit our students’ active lives.  That means that most of the work can be completed at times best for each student. However, for the live video conference classes or groups, the leaders work to find meeting times convenient for all of the students, whenever possible.

During the course, students receive weekly assignments that include readings, videos, and discussions, as well as short written reflections and formal papers and presentations.  As students progress to Levels 2 and 3, they also complete independent projects and a practicum. The 3-level course is designed to be completed in one year’s time, though each level can be taken separately.

Contact us to be added to our list to receive information about the next IDS Certification!


What is the enrollment process?

The application process consists of completing the online application, an interview, and reference check. There is a nonrefundable application fee to cover processing costs.

We recommend submitting the application no later than 60 days prior to the course start date to allow time for processing.  

Begin the application at:

Contact us to be added to our list to receive information about the next IDS Certification!

When does the program begin?

Please join our email list to keep up-to-date on upcoming certification training opportunities, workshops and classes that come up during the year.

I already have a lot of knowledge about dreams. Can I skip Level 1?

Even though a student may have substantial training or education in the field of dreams, we require all participants to complete the IDS Level 1.  It provides a foundation for the IDS Certification Training. This course is designed to delve deeper into dreamwork basics.

How is the course content approached?

The approach we have taken is eclectic.  We pride ourselves on incorporating a broad look at dreams, consciousness, and transformation.  We do our best to introduce students to all aspects of dreams: spiritual, psychological, scientific, research, personal growth, and the like.  Since our program is student centered, we encourage each student to develop a focus on his or her own personal interests in dream studies.

What are the meeting times for live online classes?

This online course has been designed using an independent study model.  That means that most of the work can be completed at the best time for each student.  However, for the live video conference classes, we work with each group of students to find meeting times that work for the group.

There might be instances when a student can not make all of the live video conference classes.  In some circumstances, we may be able to record classes, though there are some online dream groups that must be attended in real time.

What are the benefits of full certification?

Graduates of IDS have used their training in a variety of ways, including the enhancement of their work as a counselor, therapist, or coach.  Some have started dream groups in their communities or in their place of work. Some students use their training to deepen and inspire their work as artists, writers, teachers, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I don’t plan to become a dream professional, and I have no training as a therapist. Is the Certification Course appropriate for me?

The course is just as useful for those who are studying for their own self-growth or curiosity.  It is incredible what happens when people devote this kind of time to the study of dreams and dreamwork.  

Is certification necessary to lead dream groups and be a professional dreamworker?

While one does not need formal certification to lead a dream group, it is an important credential to show that one is a professional in the field and that a rigorous training program has been completed.  

We encourage each student to check and adhere to the regulations in his or her state or province.  

Is there a licensing or accreditation board that oversees the Institute for Dream Studies?

There is no licensing or accreditation body for professional dreamwork at this time.

IDS is a leader in promoting high standards and ethics for dreamwork.  To this end, IDS maintains a close association with the International Association for the Study of Dreams and follows their rigorous guidelines for education and training.


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