Live, interactive, online workshops with
Linda Mastrangelo, Justina Lasley, Tzivia Gover
and the Institute for Dream Studies

Enjoy the creativity and wisdom of your dreaming mind, and give yourself the gift of meaning.
Explore your dreams with a community of dreamers from around the world.

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IDS Certification Course

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New IDS Certification Course Begins September 2022
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The Institute For Dream Studies Dream Certification Program

Check out our Institute for Dream Studies Certification Program that is in full swing right now. So excited to work with these incredible international students, mentors and Tzivia Gover, lead teacher.

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Dreamwork Summit

April 18 – 22, 2022


The Dreamwork Summit will support you in developing a more profound relationship with sleeping, dreaming, and decoding the soul-aligned guidance you receive at night. By diving deeper into the psychology and techniques of dreamwork, you can activate emotional healing, practice lucid dreaming, and access new cognitive states.

More than 40 master dream teachers and psychology experts ̶ including Justina Lasley, Kelly Walden Sullivan, Robert Moss, Don Alejandro Apaza, Sandra Ingerman, Dr. Clare Johnson, Dinesh Ghodke, Robert Hoss, and Khurshed Batliwala ̶
each of whom will be offering effective practices, tools, and techniques for tapping into the soul-guided wisdom, healing power, and creative inspiration within your nighttime dreams.

IDS founder, Justina Lasley, will be interviewed by Kelly Walden Sullivan in a session entitled “Changing Your Life Through Dreams.”

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2022 IASD Annual International Dream Conference

Live and interactive Virtual Conference

Join Linda, Justina and Tzivia at the 2022 IASD Conference in Arizona this July.