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Awaken to Rise Featuring Justina Lasley

Online Masterclass Begins March 20, 2023

The universe is constantly sending you messages and guidance, but if you don’t know how to translate or open yourself up to them, you could be missing out on your true purpose for being here.

Justina Lasley has teamed up with Patti Palmer Livingston, to bring you a free masterclass that will show you how to tap intotranslate, and apply these messages from the universe.

Awaken to Rise features numerous guest experts in astrologynumerologysound healing, and more who will give you daily toolstips, and spiritual practices to re-awaken your ancient feminine wisdom, the gateway to your soul’s true purpose.

IDS Certification Course

Applications are now closed for the
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The Institute For Dream Studies Dream Certification Program

Check out our Institute for Dream Studies Certification Program that is in full swing right now. So excited to work with these incredible international students, mentors and Linda Mastrangelo, lead faculty.

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The Institute for Dream Studies presents 



with Caitlín Matthews

FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2023

11 AM-1 PM PACIFIC TIME (California)


The Institute for Dream Studies is excited to host

a very special online event with Caitlín Matthews

Caitlín Matthews will consider dreaming from the perspective of the Celtic world, where different forms of dreaming were undertaken in relation to personal healing and tribal guidance.  We will also partake in a dream incubation meditation at the Temple of Nodens, sacred to the British god of sleep and dreams. This Romano-British temple complex is found at Lydney, on the Banks of the River Severn in south-east Wales where Aesculapian dream incubation was practiced alongside ancestral British dream practices.

Photo by Caitlín Matthews, part of the Temple of Nodens complex at Lydney, on the banks of the Severn.

No attendance cap necessary.  Participants will need a shawl or scarf for the meditation with which to mantle themselves.

Caitlín Matthews has kept a dream diary since 1965, regarding dreams as her rear-view mirror on the world, in both life-guidance and in regard to the diagnosis and healing help of her shamanic clients.  She is the author of over 83 books, including The Art of Celtic Seership, the Ancestral Oracle of the Celts, and Celtic Devotional. Caitlín teaches  aspects of the British and Irish ancestral and mythic tradition internationally. She has had a shamanic practice in Oxford for 34 years. 

For more information please contact Caitlín at

IASD 40th Annual Dream Conference in Ashland, Oregon