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Dream Certification Program beginning July 2020. Follow your dreams with us into your future.

Turn Your Passion for Dreams into a Professional Path

Whether you are a therapist, counselor, or coach who wants to add dreamwork to your professional toolkit, or whether you are a person who wants to deepen your connection to your deepest self through exploring dreams, or both—The Institute for Dream Studies Dream Certification program can help you make your dreams come true.

The Institute For Dream Studies Dream Certification Program will not only give you the certification you need to be regarded as a qualified dreamwork professional who can offer dream workshops, classes, and one-on-one sessions with individuals, (including Certification of Dream Studies and CEU credits), it also offers opportunities for individual growth and development, as well as membership into a worldwide community of dreamers.

The full program for certification can be completed in one-year (all three levels) or you can take levels independently.  Each level includes real-time class sessions and small group discussions conducted over videoconference, as well as one-on-one telephone meetings with faculty members, and community gatherings online. Levels two and three also include a practicum.

A Practical, Affordable Approach

You’ve got a full life, and a full plate to match. So we’ve created an interactive on-line dream education program that is easy to fit into your schedule, with a price tag that that gives you a valuable education you can afford.

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The course is offered in 3 Levels, which can be taken individually or as a series culminating in Certification as a Dream Therapist.

Tuition begins at under $1,500 for Foundations in Dream Studies, with full certification for under $5,000. The entire 3-level program can be completed in as little as one year–or longer, depending on your pace and preference.

Is the Dream Education and
Certification Course for You?

The Institute for Dream Studies program is for you if:

  • You are a therapist, counselor, or coach who wants to add dreamwork to your professional toolkit.
  • You are a professional who wants to learn to use dreams to infuse more meaning and creativity into your work.
  • You want to deepen your understanding of yourself and your dreams for personal growth, and/or out of a desire to learn more about the third of your life that you spend asleep and dreaming.
  • You want to become an expert in dream studies and lead workshops and dream groups.
  • You want to form lasting friendships and collegial relationships with leaders in the field, including scientists, therapists, scholars, and artists who specialize in dream studies.
  • You want to grow as an individual, or as a professional, and gain courage, confidence, and wisdom as you connect with the guidance and healing power of your dreams.

“Taking this IDS Certification course has changed my profession as a therapist.  I now have dream groups on a regular basis…. I would have never dared start working with them last year.  I started to much more believe in myself and in my potential. The depth and the energy of the group have tremendously helped.  I am terribly grateful.”

Valerie Reichmann, Israel, IDS Certification Graduate

If you are ready to add riches to your professional and personal life, the Institute for Dream Studies’ expanded and updated Interactive 3-Level Online course in Dream Studies and Dream Certification can put you on the road to greater personal and professional fulfillment.


Admission to the program will be based on completion of an application form and will also require one letter of recommendation. Those who are being considered for the program will also be interviewed by an IDS faculty member.  Space is limited for each level, and admission is granted solely at the discretion of the IDS Director and Faculty.

Course Delivery

The Institute for Dream Studies provides distance learning with a human touch. All courses are delivered via real-time videoconference, online discussion groups and presentations, and Skype Dream Groups. Students will be expected to complete several independent projects and reading requirements.

Technical Requirements

Students will need a computer or other device with ability to use Skype, and video conference, as well as quality earphones for online and Skype group discussions.

Other Requirements

Courses will be conducted in English, so fluency and college-level literacy in English is required for admittance.

The Institute for Dream Studies
3-Level Certification Course
Program Details


Do you dream of following your passion and dreams for leading others into their nighttime dreams?

For over a decade IDS has been offering quality courses in Dream Certification. Now we are offering updated and expanded online courses so we can make dream studies accessible to an even wider international community.

The Institute for Dream Studies Certification Program is a 3-Level, Interactive Online Program.  You can take the levels individually, or as a series culminating in certification.

Institute for Dream Studies courses meet bi-weekly online, and also include:

  • Participation in online dream groups
  • Discussion forums
  • Individually-paced lessons
  • Project-based learning
  • Faculty support and guidance at every step of your progress

Graduating Class of 2019!


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