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Dream Group

Online Dream Groups

IDS Live, Online Dream Groups are intentionally kept small enough so you receive individual guidance on your dreams in every session, and so participants form meaningful connections with one another.

Professional facilitation and leadership by dream experts Justina Lasley and Tzivia Gover helps to create a safe, welcoming, and productive environment where each member can gain deep wisdom and insight from their dreams.

Are you ready to receive the wisdom and guidance of your dreams?

Join our next Online Dream Group:

IDS Sunday Dream Group

Four Sessions:

  • Sunday Jan. 28, Sunday Feb. 25, Sunday March 11, Sunday April 8

12-2 p.m. USA Eastern Time (GM -5)


IDS Tuesday Dream Group

Four Sessions:

  • Tuesday Jan. 30; Tuesday Feb. 27; Tuesday March 13; Tuesday April 3

12-2 p.m. USA Eastern Time (GM -5)

Enjoy the creativity and wisdom of your dreaming mind. Join an Institute for Dream Studies’ Online Dream Group, and give yourself the gift of meaning. Explore your dreams with a community of dreamers from around the world.

Each session includes time for dreamwork as well as information and instruction on a variety of related topics including dream recall, understanding the messages and meaning in your dreams, recurring dreams, nightmares — and more.

Enroll now, space is limited

  • $119 for the 4-session series
  • $99 for returning members
  • $79 for IDS CDP students and graduates


Contact us to register now

Pay online using this link

or send a check to:

Institute for Dream Studies

233 South Plaza Court

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464