Everybody has a dream… This is ours:

We offer distance learning on an intimate scale. Our online courses allow busy professionals and active adults to achieve their educational goals while working from home.

We’re only human—and always human. We never lose touch with the fact that dreaming is highly personal and that the nature of dreamwork is to help us connect with ourselves, one another and our world. Toward that end we keep class sizes small, and offer classes in real-time led by real teachers. Our courses also feature multiple opportunities for students to connect with faculty and with one another.

We believe there’s no one right answer when it comes to dreams. We offer a broad foundation in dream studies including historical, psychological, cross-cultural, scientific, and spiritually-based approaches to dreams and dreamwork.

We value our students’ innate wisdom and life experience. We offer a student-centered approach to dream studies. After being exposed to a variety of philosophies and approaches to dreamwork in Level 1, we encourage students to follow their passions and explore their interests.

Dreams are creative, and so are we. We provide students with a formal academic structure, direction, and standards—and within that framework we encourage innovation, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking.

We want students to dream big! We hold students to a rigorous standard of excellence, while honoring the fact that each student has a different style of learning and each one comes to our program with differing amounts of previous education and training. We encourage students to begin wherever they are and build boldly from there in an environment of support, encouragement, and safety.

We honor our students’ unique paths. In this program students work to achieve their highest potential, not to compete with others.